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The internet has developed into a prevailing and borderless instrument. Because of its user-friendliness and profit potential, several investors have become highly interested in having a business open to clients 24/7 globally.  If you are one of these investors, discovering the top web design company to endorse and market your business can be confusing because of the existing number of web agencies in the market. But worry not; GO-Globe - Sweden is here to assist you and carry out your web corporate needs.

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Go-Globe is a capable, international company that generates profit-making tools for your business. Our foremost goal is to craft and develop tailored projects for small, mid-sized and large corporations. These web projects shall express your business and professional image, and also promote the products and services you offer.

If you are seeking an international web company, we can create special and captivating profit-making tools for your business. We can absolutely produce instantaneous and superior results with our unique approach.


Go-Globe Sweden was first established in 2005 and is run under the European Management of Karel Zeman. At this time, we run GO-Globe through offices in Dubai, Shanghai, Qatar, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Our team of professional web designers is qualified and capable, with good work ethics. Because of the first-rate service we work with, our headquarters located in Dubai had been ranked one of the top 5 of the premium web agencies in Dubai. We have developed and converted over 500 projects for clients from more than 25 countries universally. GO-Globe is celebrated as a specialist in Corporate Web Design & Development, Corporate Identity and SEO Services which are driven by evident, distinctive and fair engagement policies.

Utilizing GO-Globe’s abilities to achieve your web corporate needs will be your first HUGE step towards success!

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Local or Global corporations, Governments or Top Brands, we can energize every type of business.



Packages that fit any investment plan, transparent, unique and fair pricing policy for you.



24/7 assistance for you, enquire and receive a detailed proposal outlining time and cost estimates within 24 hours.



Direct contact with a developer throughout your project development plus 1 year free technical support!